Marketing events

Just as we offer employee event services for HR departments, so we have tailored a group of products for marketing and sales departments which include sales follow-up events, promotional campaigns, sampling events, product campaigns and product launches targeting the mass consumer, but a consumer who’s quite specific and is known to consciously interact with the brand.

It is difficult to draw a clear line between these various types of activities. An after-sales effect on the consumer can be achieved not just by promotional and sampling campaigns, but also by brand-supported festivals or mass events in the form of a concert or a show. The offer in this field is very wide and its various formats are constantly evolving.

Alongside standard activities of product promotion, such as sampling and promotional campaigns or product launches, we build comprehensive solutions for individual exhibition stands or exhibition spaces. We also offer integrated marketing campaigns that combine various communication platforms; we implement on-line activities expanding the reach and preparing the range of potential direct users during events in the real world. We also offer various ambient formats to deliver unique viral content. Urban games and ambient installations complete the picture in this respect.

In 2013 and 2014, we teamed-up with Poland’s top TV, radio and media brands, i.e. TVN, RMF FM and Starcom Mediavest, to deliver a promotional campaign for the Milka brand under the title Milka Moje Miasto się Przytula (Milka My Town is Cuddling-Up) (Wybierzmy Najmilsze Miasto w Polsce – 2014, or Choosing the Most Tender Town in Poland), for which we received the MP Power Award for the Best Brand Promotion Event.