Festivals have become an important component of strengthening brand communication with the environment. Commoditisation and festivalisation of culture have expanded the group of entities interested in employing these types of events as tools of promotion and mass communication from the original group, which includes the public sector, local authorities and cities, into the commercial sector, which has begun seeing them as a tool to sell services and products. And this is were we come in…

The production of festivals and other cultural events is yet another component of our services that sets us clearly apart from the field of event agencies in Poland.

Our founders, Mr Konrad Koper and Mr Sebastian Godula, were the initiators and co-authors of the success of the two festivals that have now become the best recognised festival brands in Krakow, i.e. Sacrum Profanum and Misteria Paschalia. For 10 years now, event-factory has been the producer of the Festival of Polish Music, while between 2010 and 2014 we also produced the Traditional Music Festival “Rozstaje”.

In 2010, we entered the large production halls of the defunct steel plant Huta Warszawa to produce a theatre and music show for the European Solidarity Centre, entitled 2xStrike, on the 30th Anniversary of Solidarity.

In 2011, event-factory joined the effort in organising the European Congress of Culture in Wrocław, one of the most important events of Poland’s EU Presidency. We were commissioned by the National Audiovisual Institute to produce the Penderecki & Aphex Twin and Penderecki & Greenwood concerts. The project was followed up by the penderecki//greenwood concert at the Barbican in London, in March 2012, and by its open-air versions at the 2012 Heineken Open’er Festival in Gdynia, Poland, and at the Contemporary Art Festival in Arco, Italy.

Between 2012 and 2014, event-factory was responsible for organising the Goodfest in Dębica and for the Cracow Theatrical Reminiscences Festival.

Last but not least, since 2011 we have teamed up with the City of Gdańsk and with Polish Radio 2 to organise our own festival project, Actus Humanus. Headed by Filip Berkowicz as the artistic director the festival is dedicated to early music. In 2015, Actus Humanus was among 30 Polish festivals that received a prestigious Europe for Festivals (EFFE) award by the Brussels based European Festivals Association.